Festival Tips - 4th Aug

August 2002

Publication: The Sunday Herald

Dialog 2


8 Polish artists based in Wroclaw and other parts of Silesia.  The show is the second part of an exchange involving Scottish and Polish artists – the first part took place in 2000.  Here the strong, non-conformist tradition, particularly expressed through drawing, is to the fore.


Edinburgh College of Art



Milestones and Evergreens

A centenary celebration of the internationally acclaimed Danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen.  The show includes an example of Jacobsen’s famous ‘Egg’ chair.


Danish Cultural Institute




Polnische Grafik


More work from Poland, this time graphics and printmaking including Ewa Zawadzka, Piotr Szurek and Miroslaw Pawlowski.


Edinburgh printmakers



Gateway Theatre





Subtitled ‘Modern Stories Ancient Skills’ this show of traditional and contemporary basket-making in Scotland aims to shatter the myth that this is an outmoded and low level craft.  With work by contemporary makers such as Anna King and Lise Bech Plantweave explores the social, artistic, ecological and historical aspects of the craft.


Royal Botanic Garden



Nor’ Loch Veiled

Moody and atmospheric Edinburgh cityscapes in charcoal and oil by the exciting young artist Geoff Uglow who graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2000.


The Edinburgh Gallery