The Eric Veistrup Collection

December 2012

Publication: Ceramic Review

The Erik Veistrup Collection


The Museum of International Ceramic Art

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There is something typically Danish about Grimmerhus the restored 19th century villa on the outskirts of the modest town of Middelfart on the island of Funen. The house, which overlooks the Little Belt -- the narrow stretch of the Kattegat which separates the island from Jutland – sits in its own wooded grounds which lead to the water’s edge.


Designed by the prominent architect  Johan Daniel Herholdt, (1818-1902) for the chamberlain of nearby ‘’ Castle Niels Basse Fønss in 1857.


To British eyes the architecture is difficult to read but the arched vaulted doorways and winddows indicate at least a semblance of Gothic revival and a defined stance against neo –classicism.


Inside the interior is stylish but not ostentatious, with few extranenous architectural frippery save for a series of biscuit porcelain reliefs and carved edgy in the ceiling of the great hall.


If Grimmerhus’ architecture is chequered - an amalgam of styles and influences – hen so too is its hisory for it has served as a guest house, a sanirotium and during tgeh war as the local Gestapo headquarters.


Most of this history has been if not erased, then at least obscured by he fine resotoration of 1994 folowing the sale of Grimmerhus by the ‘’ family who ran it as a logding from 1925.


Everywhere there are bright colours, waxed and white soaped pine floor boards, dark woods for bannisters, and in the basement, stone flags.