Orchard, an exhibition of prints by Sarah Gittins

April 2016

Fife and Dundee-based artist, Sarah Gittins will show two substantial new series of prints in her solo exhibition, Orchard, at Leith School of Art, Edinburgh. The first series follows the changes of the orchard through the seasons. The second series imagines the mature orchard growing in the streets and spaces of Dundee. Over the past two years Sarah has been making regular visits to draw the historic, tangled apple orchard in the grounds of the Hill of Tarvit, near Cupar in Northeast Fife. Moments from those drawings were then gathered to create the Orchard Cycle; a series of twelve, circular screenprints which track the cycle of life within this beautiful community of apple trees. In the second series, If the City were an Orchard, the Hill of Tarvit orchard is reimagined into the streets of Dundee. This series of prints are inspired by the ongoing work of DUO (Dundee Urban Orchard), which is an art and horticulture project run by Sarah and Jonathan Baxter. DUO is working with community groups and organisations to establish a network of 24 small-scale orchards across Dundee, reimagining Dundee as an Orchard City. Sarah is known for creating beautifully drawn works with narrative content that opens up new ways of seeing the world. The works in this exhibition take the viewer on a gentle and powerful visual journey through the cultivated space of an orchard. Orchard is on show at Leith School of Art, 25 North Junction Street. The exhibition runs from 11thApril until 11th June. It is open to visitors from 9am until 4.30pm Monday to Saturday.